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Event I – Framed Gallery Launch

February 8 2020, DTLA - our first pop-up event featured over 35 art pieces from seven up and coming artists. With over 200 attendees, 200 film photos by photographer Selin Duek, a live set by DJ Ayse Cevikel, and performance art by Izzy Lux, the gallery was sold out within hours. Exclusive merch was sold at the event in collaboration with Halo Tied – SOLD OUT.

Artists Ally Bakst, Talia Malchin, Tycho Koll, Izzy Lux, Ayse Cevikel (artist & DJ), Olivia Frary, Patrick O’Reilly, Jesse Walk.

Photographer Selin Duek

Performance Art Izzy Lux

Draycob clothing Jesse Walk

Merch Framed Gallery x Halo Tied 

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